Monday, 14 May 2012

Uncle Skull Action/Template from P&A Dezigns + CU Freebie

NEW: Uncle Skull Action/Template

Everyone needs a little patriotism in their lives, and who doesn't love it coming
in a nice skull design?! Introducing Uncle Skull! You see, Uncle Sam has been
sick for awhile, and sadly passed away not too long ago. But do you think that
would stop him from asking YOU to serve your country? OF COURSE NOT! So
in honor of good ole' Uncle Sam (RIP) I have created this awesome patriotic
skull for you! Uncle Skull is a fully functioning action, with 2 versions. One is for
the more advanced PS user and the other is for the more beginner user of PS.
Both actions are the same, one just has more moveable parts so to speak. A
template is also included, with a simple version and complex version, for those
who want to really customize their finished piece. Uncle skull is full sized and
rendered at 300DPI. He is also commercial use ok, so feel free to use him in
your digital and non digital works! Please respect the and enjoy!




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