Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Kate and Lins collabs at Berryapplicious


An Amazing Adventure-A Kate and Lins collab
This kit is based on the Narnia books and movies,so escape into a fanatasy land and create wondrous scene layouts or traditional ones.Full of goodies it will capture the hearts of those who love all things fantasy and magical
An Amazing Adventure includes 187 elements and 79 papers

Ruff & Tuff Collab
by Kate & Lin's Collabs
kitkat79-scraps and Lin's Creations have collaborated together to bring you this fantastic collab all about Boy's and all their business being 'Ruff & Tuff'.
Ruff & Tuff is a mixture of scene and traditional style elements/papers. Filled with loads of scene setters and posers for all your scene style LO's and Lot's of traditional elements for all your more traditional LO's. A bit of something for everyone. Ruff & Tuff is a lil Cutsie, but very Ruff & Tuff looking. Great for all boy's of all ages.
Ruff and Tuff Includes-
204 elements
56 papers
5 QP's

Monday, 9 January 2017