Friday, 5 August 2011

OT: yorkies stolen in San Antonio,Tx

If anyone lives in the area or nearby and everyone else if you could post on your facebook or twitter
this women is missing her babies so bad.Someone tried to steal my yorkie Jamie this week but luckily was not 
successful.It does work to spread the word because another yorkie Max was found due to a facebook campaign


Yorkshire Terriers taken from home
Taken from their home on 4/22/11 in San Antonio, TX, Baxter & Cooper are 9 year old neutered males on daily medication and we must find them. $4,000.00 reward with NO QUESTIONS ASKED for their safe return, or $2,000.00 per dog as we fear they may have been separated. Also missing is their black wire kennel and a blanket with the name "Baxter" embroidered on it. Even clues on these items would be helpful. This page is set-up as an informational source for those helping us locate our dogs. Call             210.415.1800       or            210.215.5735       if you know anything!

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